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Money and currency are the two components of this equation. Money, in my opinion, is distinct from currency. To comprehend whether money is real or not, we must first grasp the distinction between money and currency.

Let’s start by looking up the definition of money. According to Investopedia, The term currency refers to the tangible form of money that is paper bills and coins. Perfect. So, “It’s a tangible form of money“. It’s nothing but a representation of money.

Let’s start by defining money. Money is any object or means of exchange that people accept for the payment of goods and services, as well as debt repayment. Hmmm. Is that it? I’ve always believed that money is more than simply a means of transaction.

To me, money represents a worldview that comes equipped with a tool belt. An instrument that allows us to quantify value, store wealth, and trade products and services on a vast scale. It is a mechanism that allows transactions to take place. It is the means via which commodities and services are priced, purchased, and sold. To truly grasp money, we must first understand the four main categories of money as described by economists. Commercial money, fiduciary money, fiat money, and commodity money. That might get too difficult for our subject. So let us focus just on how money gives utility.

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