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Ever since the inception of my journey in the fintech industry (Which not long THB), I’ve explored 100s of fintech companies from all over the world. It made me realise that Fintech as an industry is still in the very early stages. There is no mass adoption like in the eCommerce world. It is mostly because this is a business of money. We as an industry still trying to create something, Elon Musk envisioned in the early 2000s with and late with PayPal. A bank on the internet. As simple as that.

I’ve realised that a handful of fintech companies might not be able to provide the services needed for everyone in the world. We need a whole lot of companies competing against each other to provide value to the users and solving individual problems of the user. The growth of fintech companies is rapid but for the majority of the people, fintech is unheard of. They are using fintech applications like PayTM, Google Pay, PhonePe and many others and still not aware of the term fintech. Recently I was in a very prestigious college attending a conference hosted by their department of commerce. One of the delegates was talking about innovation and asked the audience “What is fintech?” Nobody was able to answer. It shocked me. I knew that the education of fintech is essential for the future to create capable engineers and data scientists who will go on to create amazing things. It is the only way to truly take banking into the internet for all the humans of the planet. It most certainly will create value for the end-user and help evolve the industry.

Academy by Jaysel was something I had dreamed of ever since I started conceptualizing Jaysel.App. I figured it will truly be a fintech education platform for the future engineers, data scientists, entrepreneurs and dreamers who wanted to create something in the industry. I imagined it being a free platform on the internet to get access to enormous amounts of data about the industry, access finest podcasts, researches, new fintech companies and also provide in-depth knowledge about specific domains of the industry like digital lending, insurance and more. I also wanted it to collaborate with the education board to bring fintech into schools and colleges to get the next generation of workforce excited about fintech. I still want to do all of that and perhaps I will.   

However, as of right now, I do not have the resources to pull off such an amazing task. So I did what I could possibly do now. I created a fintech new an aggregator which will bring industry-specific news to the people who are interested in the industry. Back in 2016, I create a chatbot on Facebook messenger that compiles marketing news articles from the various publication. It was was fairly simple, I collected RSS feeds of various publication and compiled them into categories like content marketing, search engine, digital marketing, and a few other. I ended up creating RSS feeds for each category. So whenever a blog published an article for any categories I have, it was published in the feed I created as well. I then put it inside a Facebook messenger and called it “Plus”. Using the tricks I learned from that, I had a fintech content aggregator in no time. This time, using the help if automation via IFTTT, I had it send the news article to a group on telegram. I also created a group on WhatsApp for started sharing the stories I get to WhatsApp. So, now I have a fintech news aggregator publishing to Facebook messenger, Telegram & WhatsApp. 

You can find the link here at

Check out the creation and let me know what you think of it. 

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